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The many styles of Indian food

Indian food is known across the world for its devotion to taste and flavour. Often including locally grown spices and herbs, the cuisine includes a full variety of creative mains, snacks, sides and desserts. A classic feature of Indian food is the use of vegetables and fruits. Indian traditional food in Malaysia can include punjanbi style stews, paneer dishes and biryani meals. The variety on show in Malaysia also makes use of local styles and flavours. Indian food develops and changes according to where it is produced. Malaysian Indian food has its own distinctive style and flavour./p>

Where to find the best Indian food in Malaysia

Indian food delivery in Malaysia has a long history of providing a wealth of options for home diners eager to experience the most delicious kinds of cuisine. Here are some of the best restaurants serving up a distinctive variety of tastes and flavours:

  • Passage Thru India is an Indian restaurant in Malaysia capable of providing a full arrangement of classic Indian dishes
  • Devi's Corner: This favourite food outlet brings a creative sense of fun to spicy dishes.
  • Legend's is one of the best known Indian restaurants in Malaysia. It offers a wide range of superb dishes.
  • Restaurant Paradise Kitchen serves up Indian Malay styles of delicious quality.

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