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Delicious, distinctive and wonderful for entertaining, Thai food has a reputation that's just like the Thai people, elegant, fascinating and exciting. No other cuisine is so exotic, with interesting perfumed spices like Lemon grass, Kaffir lime leaves, Galangal and chilli and coconut to name a few. Thai is also great for light snacks, with Satay and small Thai fishcakes often served at chic launches, but also, what could be tastier than a classic green curry with friends on a Friday night?

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Thai food is also light, and some dishes are quickly cooked, so it's ideal for a last minute events too. Also, from the best Thai restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, to the most inexpensive, you're always welcomed with that special brand of Thai hospitality and presentation this country is famous for. So take a look below for some ideas:

  • Chakri Palace Pavillion: they have a classic range. Perhaps try the 'Papaya Salad', followed by a spectacular 'Sea Bass steamed with Ginger and Soy sauce.
  • Para Thai: for a tasty lunch, the restaurant serves 'Pad Thai Goong Sod' with prawns.
  • Eathai: is also a great mid range place, and they have delicious, 'Tom Yum soup with Seafood' which is a tasty meal if you're watching your weight.

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There's such a wide range of Thai food delivery options with foodpanda, that right from planning a sumptuous dinner party, to wanting Thai express delivery for a fast lunch, we have it covered. All you have to do is create the event and the rest is plain sailing. Perhaps a romantic dinner for two of Pad Thai followed by a red Thai curry? Or a Papaya Salad for a low calorie lunch? The ways Thai food can be enjoyed are endlessly enjoyable.

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Using foodpanda is very easy with the powerful app, and it's not just good for speedy service. Let's just say typu've got a surprise birthday party to plan? Let's just say you want to host it at your friends house in their garden? What could be easier than to order from foodpanda ahead. Many restaurants will help you plan a menu, ensuring a stress free fun time for everyone!

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