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Find Delicious Laksa When You Order Food in Samarahan

Samarahan is in the Sarawak region of Malaysia, and it's best known for its warming bowls of laksa. Made with rice noodles, it's served in a broth made from garlic, lemongrass, and coconut milk, topped with strips of omelette, prawns, and crunchy beansprouts. For family gatherings, the perfect sharing dish is an oyster pancake; this large crispy pancake is big enough for everyone to grab a piece. For dessert, locals usually serve a traditional Sarawak layer cake. They come in a huge number of flavours and are enticingly coloured to create bright blue, green, and pink layers of yummy sponge cake.

Explore the Best Restaurants in Samarahan

Many of the restaurants that deliver in Samarahan have large, diverse menus with a varied range of dishes. One such restaurant is Pak and Indonesian Food, which has a range of specials such as fried noodles with egg and chicken curry with rice. They also do platters with lots of different main and side dishes, as well as health grilled options. If you're craving the perfect pizza, then Pizza Hut is famous around the world for their sizzling deep-pan pizzas, loaded with cheese. The branch in Samarahan serves all of Pizza Hut's best-known dishes, including chicken supreme pizzas and golden potato wedges. Lastly, Butter Cake House has the best layer cakes in the region, made with chocolate, mint, pineapple, strawberry, and many more flavours. Plus, the brightly-coloured cakes with dozens of layers are absolutely beautiful.

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Enjoy Food Delivery in Malaysia

Whether you're a long time Samarahan resident or new to the area, there are always restaurants to be discovered on foodpanda. When you search for 'food delivery near me' you'll find a tasty selection of cafes, bistros, restaurants and bakeries, with something to suit every taste. From burgers to fried rice, bubble tea to chocolate cake, Samarahan has it all!