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Sushi has developed from a little known Japanese delicacy into one of the most popular and enduring cuisines in the world. With millions of people all over the globe enjoying its fresh taste and delicate flavor. Made with only the freshest ingredients by highly trained chefs, Sushi in Malaysia is comparable to its Japanese counterpart in terms of taste and quality. Now thanks to foodpanda you can order all your favourite Sushi dishes including the California Roll, Maki, Inari and Yaki Gyu Don from your favourite Japanese restaurant online. Simply log on to the foodpanda website and with one click make your selections. In no time at all you will have superb quality food delivered straight to your door.

There is a whole host of fantastic Japanese Restaurants for you to choose from.

With so much delicious Sushi to choose from the hardest thing may well be deciding what it is you want to eat. Malaysia boasts some of the best Japanese food outside of Japan and has a rich history and culture of superb quality Japanese restaurant services, including:

  • Sushi King - Famed for its hot Green Tea and brilliant party packs which are perfect for a working lunch in the office or a family meal.
  • Sushi Q - An effortless combination of the classic and contemporary, Sushi Q offers beautifully prepared Sushi box sets that offer variety of tastes in one affordable package.
  • Sushi Flash - Sushi Flash is a Japanese restaurant that takes a traditional approach to Sushi. Offering dishes such as Chucka Hotate, Corn Mayo Gunkan, and Ebiko Gunkan it is a time-honoured taste of Japan.
  • Sakae Sushi - With its extensive list of delicious Mori rolls and Benton Sets Sakae Sushi is as stylish as it is mouth-watering. Offering rapid delivery and excellent customer service it is one of most popular Japanese restaurants in Malaysia.
With these and so many more to choose from customers are absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to ordering high end Sushi. Thanks to foodpanda, you can now log online and have menus from some of Malaysia's finest take out restaurants at your fingertips.

So why wait? Order online today.

Most of the restaurants open early and offer delivery from mid morning, usually around . There is a guaranteed delivery time of at least one hour, although this is dependent on weather and traffic conditions. Small delivery charges are usually incurred when ordering online, however, it is possible to pay for your food by credit card or pay by cash on arrival. foodpanda have succeeding in taking the hassle out of eating delicious quality, carefully prepared food. So be sure to use the foodpanda online delivery service or mobile app and have all your favourite food delivered right to your door.

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