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Delicious Sandwiches available for delivery from a number of great outlets with foodpanda

The sandwich is a truly universal food. Enjoyed by cultures across the globe the possibilities are endless and there are so many way to make the perfect sandwich. Thanks to foodpanda's terrific food delivery service and easy to navigate online order service, you can now browse the menu's of all your favourite sandwich makers and bakers and have precisely what you want delivered straight to your door in no time at all. So whether you are in the mood for a quick lunch you can eat on the go or a wonderfully indulgent treat, the bakeries and cafes available with Food Panda will not disappoint.

With all you favourites including Pat Kin Pat Sun, Tedboy Bakery and Swensens

Most of the restaurants listed offer an all day delivery service that runs from around 11:00AM until 9:00PM. What's more the likes of Pat Kin, Tedboy and Swensens pride themselves on delicious food and excellent customer service. Just a few of their sandwich options include -

  • Deep Fried Spare Rib- An indulgent treat made with a piquant BBQ sauce
  • Cheese and Ham Sandwich - The classic combination, simple yet delicious
  • Pork Chop Burgers - A twist on an old favourite, the pork chop burger is made with fresh ground meat and comes with an array of relishes and pickles.
  • Club Sandwiches - Sliced chicken, crisp bacon and fresh tomato and lettuce make this familiar favourite a great seller
Add to this a whole host of vegetarian options and some really indulgent deserts and you have everything you need for a truly satisfying eating experience.

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There a number of ways you can make use of this great service provided by foodpanda. Log on to the website and browse the extensive collection of menus that are available. Or, alternatively, you can download the easy to use and really convenient mobile app that is compatible with all IOS devices.

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