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Perhaps, there is no other food in the world that is as popular as pizza. Found in almost every corner of the world, this delicacy can be found in many variations: from traditional Italian to American style. There is no particular time to eat pizza. Anytime of the day is good to order pizza and enjoy this fast food. On a hungry day if you end up thinking "Is there a pizza delivery place near me?", all you have to do is check out at foodpanda. Relishing this cuisine has been so easy lately specially with online delivery service foodpanda where few clicks can open doors to ordering best pizza in Malaysia

With foodpanda you can check out pizza delivery menu from over 40 restaurants and order pizza in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Petaling Jaya and other cities around Malaysia. Papa John's pizza online ordering is just few steps away. Order traditional pizza from Trattoria Cucina Italiana or enjoy delicious Karl Gustav pizza from Puzzini Swedish Pizza. If you're worried about your budget, order Canadian Pizza Malaysia's Buy one get one free offer.

The best thing about online food delivery is that pizzas with flavors from every part of the world can be ordered with an assortment of components, including seafood, mushrooms, meat, veggies and even fruits! Order classic Pizza online with thin-crust Margherita or if you are looking to get pepperoni or ham pizza, go for Canadian Pizza or US Pizza instead. You can select more than just food – with foodpanda, you can order cocktails, grappa, liquor and a wide range of wines to go with it! You want to select your favorite one online in a fast and easy way; go to foodpanda online and select your beloved restaurant to have an unforgettable moment of hot Pizza- right to your doorsteps. With foopanda available in most cities of Malaysia: pizza delivery in Kuala Lumpur or all the way to Johor Bahru is quick and convenient.

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