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Have an authentic Italian pizza experience in Malaysia

Pizza is always going to be one of the world's favourite foods and if you adore pizza, Malaysia is the place to be. There is no escaping the rich smell of baked dough, the allure of melted cheese and the sizzling toppings waiting to be devoured. When we are hungry and really need satisfaction, no food gives us a more filling dining experience than a good old pizza delivery. This simple dish of cheese-topped baked dough was probably created in Naples in the nineteenth century and keeps on evolving. Nowadays, you can find pizza delivery offering everything from square bases, stuffed crusts and deep pan bases to rich, tomato-soaked pizza pies.

Every kind of pizza delivery, straight from the experts to your home

If you need pizza delivery, Malaysia has plenty of options to choose from:
  1. Wood-fired Pizza: These days, people are going wild for the natural flavour of wood-fired pizza delivery, which perfectly cooks the crust until it is crisp and heats the cheese until it bubbles. You can get the authentic taste of a wood-fired pizza at great KL restaurants like Sassorosso or Italiannies, where tradition and taste collide.
  2. Side Dishes: Why not combine a deep dish pizza or crusty delight with traditional Italian starters like bresaola beef and bruschetta to create an authentic feast? You can have the full Italian experience at Vineria, and have some of the finest European wines delivered at the same time.
  3. Seafood Pizza: Sicily is one of Italy's great pizza hotspots, and KL is fortunate to have a Sicilian master chef at work at Cubes Pizza. If you love seafood based pizzas, their trademark square shaped pizzas with distinctive yoghurt sauce will be a real treat.
  4. America is one of the spiritual homes of the pizza, and anyone in KL can order the finest from US Pizza Penang. The famous pizzeria offers delicious options like San Francsico Pizza where, you can combine pizzas topped with American favourites like pepperoni. Or go for the charms of a delivery from world-famous Papa Johns Malaysia.

Order pizza delivery anywhere in Malaysia with foodpanda

If you crave a pizza topped with pepperoni, pineapple, onions, mushrooms and anchovies - no problem! You can have a thin and crispy Hawaiian with pineapple, a deep pan tomato-stuffed Chicago style pizza pie or one of your own pizza creations. Experiment with toppings like shrimp, Italian sausage or spinach by checking out every pizza menu Malaysia can offer on foodpanda. You can select more than just pizza – with foodpanda, order cocktails, grappa, liquor and a wide range of wines to go with it! With foopanda available in most cities of Malaysia: pizza delivery in Kuala Lumpur or all the way to Melaka is quick and convenient.There's no better way to dine than a pizza delivery in your area.

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