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Craving for some Mexican Food?

The Mexican cuisines has its roots ranging all the way back from more than 2 centuries ago. Mexican food has evolved out of the fusion of Mesoamerican and European cooking, Spanish to be precise and stands out from other dishes cause of its simplicity in use of ingredients: corn, beans, chili peppers etc. Later meat such as chicken and pork was added to the Mexican food menu in combination with cheese and numerous herbs. The most popular Mexican cuisine includes: guacamole with tacos, tortillas, bujitos, pambazo and ceviche.

Mexican food delivery in Malaysia

Foodpanda offers with the Mexican restaurant Las Carretas Restaurant and Bar, an excellent choice of traditional Mexican food right in the middle of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Chinois filled with meat, beans, beef, noodles or vegetables. La Boca Café on the other hand serves tasty nachos and fajitas along with classic Argentine dishes

Have a great night with Mexican food ordered online!

Order Mexican food online with foodpanda and select the food of your choice. Choose from an extensive menu from popular Mexican restaurants. Get the best Mexican Food in Malaysia at your doorsteps with foodpanda including areas such as Petaling Jaya or Melaka.
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