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Malaysian food is an increasing popular cuisine across the world and there has been a real explosion of Malaysian restaurants opening over recent years. Characterized by strong spices, creamy curries and sweet seafood, it's a light and endlessly interesting way to eat. Its origins reflect the Malaysian society with the three main ethnic groups: Malay, Chinese and Indians. Eating plays a major role in Malaysia, people can eat up to six meals a day. Most famous dishes are asam laksa, satay, nasi lemak, chicken curry, etc. With so many excellent Malaysia restaurants there is a whole host of delicious food to choose from. What's more, it's all prepared fresh using the highest quality ingredients available.

A whole host of fabulous Malaysian food restaurants are available

Why not try the wonderful Gala house with it's modern take on classic Malaysian flavours. Alternatively, the enormously popular Satay Hut with its refreshing ice blended drinks and famous Nasi Lemak. You could even pay a visit to the brilliant Pizza vs Satay which combines both Asian and Italian food influences in one seamless package. Another popular spot is Panda's Street Food, arguably the most authentic and traditional Malay food outlet you are likely to come across. Some Malaysian specialties include -

  • Mee Goreng - A flavorful, spicy, fried noodle dish that is sold throughout Malaysia. Made with lean meats and usually eaten on the go Mee Goreng is a filling yet nutritionally balanced dish.
  • Tosai - A fermented Crepe made from rice batter and black lentils. In a normal serving there are about 2 grams of fat making the dish super healthy and delicious. Kariguys restaurant is the place to order Tosai.
  • Chicken Noodle Soup - Comforting, delicious and a favourite of anyone who tries it. Chicken Noodle Soup is a light healthy broth made with low fat, lean chicken. The dish is sold all over Malaysia but Penang Village and Madam Kwam offer particularly good versions.
  • What's more all these wonderful dishes are available for delivery right to your door.

Malaysian meal today ? Well, with foodpanda it will be very easy to order. When you dream of eating your favorite Malaysian dish, is there anything better than just going online to order it and get it delivered to your place in Malaysia? Well, foodpanda is certainly not going to dispute the fact, since it provides you a convenient online service. Order from Madam Kwan, Penang Village and many other famous Malaysian restaurant. Check out their menu online and enjoy food delivery in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Petaling Jaya.

Check Malaysian restaurants’ menu and get express delivery service to your place

After work, you are not really in a mood for cooking, nevertheless you want to enjoy typical Malaysian food without going out, right? Just check out Pappa Rich menu and satisfy your appetite with a pappa prawn mee or instant noodle with fried eggs. If you love Malaysian cuisine, keep in mind that via foodpanda you can order any dishes you like from the famous Malaysian franchise and enjoy food delivery in Petaling Jaya or Kuala Lumpur. Or what would you say of beef rendang from Kluang Station? Unless you prefer to go through Old Town White Coffee menu to order a delicious hot steaming White Coffee or some snacks. For the sure, the hardest part will be to choose! You will anyway appreciate to stay home relaxing and enjoying your time while your food is on its way - home food delivery, you will love it!

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