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Delicious Gado Gado, Nasi Campur or Sunda. What are you craving for today?

Get a taste of Bali at your home with FoodPanda. Order Penyet from Ayam Penyet Ria USJ or Ayam Penyet from Ayam Penyet AP, you can taste the authentic Indonesian dish brought to your doorstep at no time.

For anyone who is new to Indonesian Food: diversity is the word for the cuisines that come from the country of more than 6000 islands. The main dish of Indonesian cuisine is rice and you get a lot of choices for the side dishes. Just like any Asian cuisine, Indonesian food is filled with delicacies that contains spices making it another interesting food to try out. Cuisines like satay and Sambal are famous around the world especially in Singapore and Malaysia. Besides the interesting spices, most Indonesian food uses a lot of coconut and coconut milk in their dishes.

Try Sundanese, Javanese or Padang Indonesian Cuisines!

Wondering what Indonesian food you can order today? Try out different Penyets. You might be a little confused as there are so many to choose form. Rice, being the main dish of Indonesian cuisine, you can order a Rice platter. If you want to go for beef, try Daging (Empal) Penyet or Bakso Penyet. Or if you are sea food lover why not try Balinese Grilled Squid Salad. On the other hand you can also try Nasi Camput which is an authentic Balinese speciality served with Rendang of your choice.

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