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Halal Food Malaysia Delivery

There is a huge variety of Halal restaurants all over Malaysia for you to enjoy. From Kuala Lumpur to Petaling Jaya you can enjoy nutritious halal dishes made by highly trained chefs. The vast majority of the most popular restaurants in Malaysia offer either a Halal option or an entirely Halal menu. This means you are now able to enjoy all of your favourite fast food meals with peace of mind. Safe in the knowledge that the dishes you are eating have not only been made to the highest standards with only the freshets ingredients but are also culturally and religiously acceptable.

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Halal cuisine is now available across all the major cities of Malaysia and can be ordered for home delivery thanks to Foodpanda's top class online service. There are a wide range of restaurants serving a variety of dishes who all offer a Halal option. Some of the most popular halal dishes include.

  • Goat Curry - A delicious and lightly spiced curry served with tender goat meat. Particularly popular in the Ipoh region of Malaysia.
  • Turkish Style Doner Kebab - Thinly sliced meat served with flat brad and sides.
  • Kottu Rotti - Flat bread served with freshly caught fish and eggs and vegetables. Healthy, nutritious and delicious.
  • Hummus Bi Tahina - Traditional chick pea hummus served with chopped parsley and perfect as a starter.
  • With restaurants in Melaka, Subang Jaya Puchong and Penang serving some of the best Halal food in Malaysia, you're never going to miss out on all your favourite delicacies. much choice you will never be short of a top class Halal food option.

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