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Fast food delivery in Malaysia

A brief history of fast food

Fast food is essentially any form of food that has been prepared and served to customers quickly with the minimum of fuss. First coined back in the 1950's in the United States, the term fast food usually refers to restaurants that serve up their food to customers in store or via a delivery service. However, the actual roots of fast food outlets could be said to date from much further back. For example, the ancient Romans were familiar with fast food vendors supplying them with bread soaked in wine and simple small restaurants providing stews and cooked vegetables. Since those times, convenience food has become a daily essential for many towns and cities. A greater knowledge of dietary requirements and nutritional values have continued to improve the quality and taste of food on the go throughout the world.

The change in lifestyle has made fast food more popular around the world. More people, especially young people love the idea of eating something tasty and fast at the same time. With the busy life style we all live, visiting a fast food restaurant or cooking something quick is equally time-consuming. foodpanda is the fastest and easiest solution to get fast food delivered to your doorstep without the hassle of eating out or cooking. A wide range of popular fast food restaurants in Malaysia is listed on our website. You can pick your favorite restaurant and order burgers, pizza, noodles and lots more. You can also download foodpanda’s free app available on iPhone, Android and Windows phones. The food delivery service that is so convenient, it takes only a minute to pick and order anything from fast food restaurant menus.

The full range of fast food restaurants in Malaysia

Malaysia is home to superb fast food outlets and convenience based dining establishments. Famous international and local restaurants offering healthy and tasty meals include the following:

  • Wendy's, the American chain well known for its burgers, chicken nuggets and salads.
  • Sarpinos, a specialist in pizza and pasta.
  • A&W, favourite in Malaysia for chicken sandwiches and burgers.
All of these restaurants pride themselves on offering a premium online home delivery service with extensive menus of nutritious and healthy flavours.

Famous fast food dishes to enjoy with foodpanda

Foodpanda is the perfect way to view online menus of a range of Malaysian fast food outlets. As with the rest of the world, Malaysian households love to order fast food and regularly make the most of famous products and dishes. Chicken nuggets are a firm favourite, while the KGB Killer Gourmet burgers offered by the Kuala Lumpur based specialist are ideal for devotees of prime quality flame grilled flavours. A secure visit to foodpanda can provide the ideal way to enjoy all of these options and more!

foodpanda's service is available in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Penang, Ipoh, Melaka, Johor Bahru, Cyberjaya-Putrajaya, Sunway Subang Jaya-Puchong and Shah Alam Klang.

Order pizza, burger, sandwich and more

Looking for pizza delivery in Kuala Lumpur? Or want to order western food in PJ? Go online on foodpanda and you can access over 40 fast food restaurants in Malaysia that can deliver to your doorstep. Enjoy Pretzel cheeseburger from Wendy’s or Pepperoni pizza from Papa John’s. For more pizza options: order from Vivo Pizza, Cubes Pizza and lots more. You can also order delicious burgers from famous restaurants like The Burger Factory, New York Burger and A&W. Order delicious barbeque chicken for lunch from popular eateries such as BBQ Chicken. There are plenty of fast food options in foodpanda. You can explore different menus and order just about anything you are craving for.

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