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Sakae Sushi (Gurney Plaza) Info

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About the restaurant
A hit among Japanese food lovers, Sakae Sushi offers a delectable variety of quality Japanese specialties served in an enjoyable dining environment. With 19 outlets in Malaysia and more in Singapore, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, our green frog logo has become a familiar, welcome sight and internationally synonymous with a fun-filled dining experience. At Sakae, customers can enjoy a wide selection of healthy and delicious delights, including our Vitamin E-enriched sushi rice. For unparalleled convenience, Sakae Sushi also boasts the first-of-its-kind iPad interactive ordering system. Truly, it all adds up to a fun and value-for-money dining experience.

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Plaza Gurney, Persiaran Gurney, 10250, Penang, 10250

Sushi delivery from Sakae Sushi Menu

One of the most popular Japanese restaurants in Penang, Sakae Sushi is the perfect place to enjoy amazing Japanese cuisine. All the dishes served here are made with fresh ingredients. So every bite of sushi, sashimi or chicken Teriyaki, you are guaranteed to get fresh taste with perfect blend of ingredients.

You can now order sushi, sashimi or other Japanese food all online. Order from Sakae Sushi at Gurney Plaza, Penang and enjoy all the yummy food at the comfort of your home.

Sakae Sushi Menu Malaysia

Wondering what this restaurant has on their menu? The best seller of Sakae Sushi Penang includes different Bento sets where you can enjoy dishes like grilled salmon with Teriyaki sauce, fried scallop, Edamame, baby octopus, Japanese pickles, steamed rice and a bottle of Twister orange all in one set. Similarly, you can choose Yakiniku or chicken Teriyako. Order combo meal like Beef with assorted sushi and sashimi which includes Salmon sashimi, octopus sashimi, tuna sashimi, ebi sushi, inari sushi, stir fired beef with Teriyaki sauce etc. If you can never have enough of sushi or you want to share it with more people, order Family set which has 38 pieces of different types of sushi. Dinner for 2, lunch for the family or for the whole office, order Party set and enjoy different types of sushi. The other types of sushi include Mini Ebi Tempura sushi, Hana maki, California Maki and lots more.

Reviews of Sakae Sushi (Gurney Plaza)

  • Good food.

  • Very good and efficient. Food is fresh too.

  • 我非常喜欢sakae sushi的寿司,因为 很新鲜。。服务也很好。。

  • The sushi is ok. The rice is a bit too sticky for my taste but its good. There is though way to less soy and wasabi sauce!

  • Delivery came an hour earlier. The sushi were messy probably from being delivered in a motorcycle. The breaking point was there was only 1 small packet of soy sauce provided for a set of sushi that needed more and NO WASABI!!!


    Sakae Sushi is a restaurant which is serving a wide range of Japanese cuisines. This review is about the branch located at Gurney Plaza.Spicy Idako Maki
    This dish is the spicy idako maki. It is quite spicy but I can still withstand it. It is really delicious, especially for the egg on the top layer. Read more


    Sakae Sushi is a restaurant which is serving a wide range of Japanese cuisines. This review is about the branch located at Gurney Plaza.Spicy Idako Maki
    This dish is the spicy idako maki. It is quite spicy but I can still withstand it. It is really delicious, especially for the egg on the top layer. Read more

  • Ordered the family set. That's a lot of sushi and the best ones. Happy with the delivery. Happy with the easy online ordering. Happy with the food.


    Sakae Sushi is one of the leading Japanese chain restaurant in Malaysia. It serves a variety of good quality Japanese food. This chain of Sakae Sushi is located in Gurney Plaza, Georgetown. Wagyu Beef Ramen
    Ramen is one of dish that I will definitely order whenever I visit a Japanese restaurant. This wagyu beef ramen is different from ordinary ramen. The wagyu beef is marinated is a special marinade and it is very juicy and tender. When eaten with ramen noodle, it is a perfect match. Read more


    One of my favourite sushi here is the fried scallop sushi- Fried Hotate .Cost Rm 3.99 each (pink plate).The scallop is fried until golden crispy external, but juicy and soft inside.
    Taste slightly like nugget. Topped with mayonese to give extra flavour.
    I'm not sure whether it is from the real scallop or the artificial one but it is delicious.Try the Genmaicha tea at here. Roasted rice tea which has a great fragrance of roasted brown rice. Read more


    里面包含了各种馅料- 鱼蛋,蟹肉条,黄瓜,蛋,米饭,然后淋上一些酱。卷起来一口吃下去,非常美味。我点了另外一个寿司- California roll.当中也是有蟹肉卷,腌菜,甜蛋和黄瓜的。
    这里的寿司都很不错,价钱中等。可以尝尝。 Read more


    I'm having gathering with friends and one of my friends was craving for the salmon fish head at sakae sushi and so we decided to go there for dinner.
    I had this Nabeyaki udon where you can choose to have thick mee (udon) or can try their green tea flavour mee. The udon comes with half boiled egg, a fried tempura , mushroom and teriyaki chicken. Taste very nice!
    My friend had this salmon fish head which is so big and cost just RM 13.90. You can have the dish with a white rice if you doesnt full. The salmon taste so soft and smooth compared to the body part of the fish. The fish fried with some sweet sauce and has a great aroma!As it was sunday, the restaurant was fulled with customer. However the food served quite fast . I love this place where you can ordered yourself by pressing the menu on the ipad at each table . Its a nice place for Japanese food where everything is self service include refill hot water for your hot tea. Read more

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