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Experiencing some drastic changes over the last years in relation to e.g. local preferences, the history of traditional Chinese food goes back for more than a thousand years. Furthermore preparation methods and components have been considerably influenced by regional trade as well as imperial expansion. To explain traditional Chinese food any further, it is essential to distinguish between four regions in relation to weather conditions, availability of components, preparations methods as well as living standards: Beijing and the North; Hunan; Sichuan and the West; Fujian and the East and Canton and the South. Typical Chinese cuisine ranges from sweat sticky rice pudding (Nian Gao), Chinese fried meat balls, spring rolls and Jai which includes roots of vegetables and chicken served with head, tail and feet.

Enjoy Chinese food delivery with foodpanda

The list of Chinese food available at foodpanda is long, offering you a wide range of dishes to select from. To further illustrate some Chinese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur for example, you should visit QQ Noodle House online and have a look at their wide range of starters, soups, rice and vegetable dishes as well as their various variations of chicken whether steamed or crispy in soy, honey or curry sauce.  Another great address in Petaling Jaya, offering a wide selection of fried noodles and rice dishes, is called Sui Lai Xiang. Check out some great Chinese food options at Cyberjaya

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Do you feel like having Chinese today, but you cannot decide which restaurant to go, or to order from.  Visit foodpanda and enjoy a Chinese restaurant´s menu online, to select the food of your choice comfortably.  An extensive menu with a wide range of offers makes this food delivery experience to be recommended. Get your favorite Chinese dish delivered right to your doorsteps anywhere you are. Also check out our other Korean food offers from Bulgogi Brothers or BBQ Chicken.

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