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Supposedly invented a couple of centuries ago by the Earl of Sandwich, sandwiches are both reassuringly common and wonderfully versatile. All that you need is a couple of slices of bread (or more, if you want to go for a triple decker or quadruple decker sandwich!) and the filling of your choice. Whether you opt for brown bread or a seeded variety, a classic egg mayo or meat filling or something more outlandish, you can rest assured that your delivery of sandwiches in Kuala Lumpur will be absolutely delectable when you order online with us.

Discover some of Kuala Lumpur's finest sandwich restaurants

When you are seeking a sandwiches delivery, we will provide you with the very best options every time. Our list of places to order online in Kuala Lumpur has been carefully curated and contains gems such as:

  • URBEAN cafe: famed for its grilled chicken sandwiches, this restaurant also makes fantastic soups (soup and sandwiches is always a classic and comforting combo!).
  • Goodness Greens cafe: with an emphasis on food that is super healthy, Goodness Greens will be perfect for whenever you want a wrap packed with delightful veggies and washed down with juice.
  • Chili's Grill & Bar: the amazingly varied menu of this restaurant in Kuala Lumpur provides everything from juicy burgers to big salads. It also offers some very tasty sandwiches, such as a classic Cajun chicken club sandwich loaded with toppings and sauce.

Why not explore our restaurant list now and find the sandwiches delivery options that most appeal to your tastes? There is definitely something for everybody here.

A sandwiches delivery: good for any time of day

Sandwiches are such a versatile food, and you can order online at any time of day. Try a breakfast muffin style sandwich packed with bacon, scrambled eggs and ketchup or maple syrup, or snack on a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel for brunch. At lunch time, a soup and sandwiches delivery always hits the spot, whilst a huge club sandwich or burger always makes a good dinner.

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