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Although the Middle Eastern population of Malaysia is a relatively new addition to the local demographic, the influence of Middle Eastern cuisine can be felt across the Malay peninsula. One particularly delicious development is the enrichment of national cuisine by the eclectic flavours and recipes of Middle Eastern cooking.

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From freshly grilled pitta and hummus, to mouth-watering kebabs and shawarma, you can enjoy the culinary legacy of authentic Arab recipes and terrific Turkish cooking, quintessentially Kurdish delights and innovative Iranian flavour combinations. If you're finding yourself craving a falafel and want to order Middle Eastern food online the easy way, turn to foodpanda for straightforward ordering and prompt delivery. Thanks to foodpanda, you can order Middle Eastern food online from new and established restaurants, introducing you to a whole new world of gastronomic delights in just a few quick taps of your touchscreen.

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Middle Eastern food is one of the most diverse cuisines on the planet, as well as one of the most historic. This way of cooking dates back hundreds, if not thousands of years, back to the dawn of agriculture and trading when more then just goods and services were passed along. Today, this cross-cultural legacy can be tasted in every mouthful you enjoy. Delve into ever-popular dishes like kebabs, Baklava and Dolma and savour the fabulous flavours of fresh olives, crispy pita, sumac, chickpeas and mint. Although each corner of the Middle East retains its own unique identify, there's a delicate undercurrent of consistency that makes this classic cuisine so approachable and enjoyable.

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