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Ordering Japanese Food from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

Japan sits right on the edge of the Pacific, and it's people are well travelled, so it's not surprising that the cuisine from this stylish country is well loved and widely available in the region. Hallmarked by simplicity, Japanese food is based around a lot of fish, meat, tofu and rice. The condiments used are simple, like ginger and wasabi, a strong radish that's grated and turned into a fiery paste, and they love pickles, and simple soy sauces.

Japanese food delivery across a wide area, and a wide menu choice

The Japanese also pride themselves on good presentation, and a lot of dishes require super fresh ingredients, which means Japanese food can be expensive. However, there's lots of options on the menu, and you can order sushi online, which is great for office launches and individual lunches, so take a look below and take your pick:

  • ✓ At Yoshinoya, there's a selection of hearty meals on the menu, try the Bowl meals they do, which are bowls of rich broth with Udon noodles, meat and vegetables, great for warming you up.
  • ✓ Why not order sushi online at, Sushi King? with lots of sushi plates and many different types to try, sushi is great for a simple supper, or for a larger gathering or any event.
  • ✓ Or perhaps try, Tonkichi (Isetan Scotts), who have a great selection of food and traditional Japanese food on the menu, like 'Seafood Katsu', a lovely curried dish.

Order sushi online from Sushi King and others too, from foodpanda

It's always a good idea to order Japanese food delivery ahead for Sashimi, and specialist restaurants like Sushi King encourage it, as it requires very fresh, immediate preparation, and with foodpanda you can book ahead as far as you like! However, want a Katsu Chicken curry for lunch? Many places can deliver in under an hour.

Japanese food delivery over a wide area

With foodpanda, the delivery options are always fast, safe and efficient, and food is always brought from the nearest restaurant if there's a chain, like with, 'Sushi King'. So your food will always arrive in good condition. So go ahead, order sushi online today and enjoy it whatever the occasion!

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