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Whether eaten at the end of the meal or just by itself with a cup of coffee with friends, there is no denying that dessert brings a little extra joy into our life. We have scoured Kuala Lumpur to bring you some of the best desserts in town. How about a cup of coconut flavoured cendol, for example, or a dish savouring of bean curd (such as delectably icy cold ais kacang)? Whether you order icecream online on a hot day or start your morning with a sweet and scrumptious bowl of bubur cha cha, we are confident that we have got just the right dessert for you.

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Whether you want authentic Chinese dessert dishes or more Western style foods such as pancakes and maple syrup or chocolate fudge brownie, we are confident that we know just the right restaurant in Kuala Lumpur for you. Wondering where best to start as you browse dessert delivery options? You could always try out one of these three popular eateries:

  • Sweet Bean: this restaurant is famed for its home made desserts. These inventive dishes range from pumpkin custard to coconut milk and yummy red bean.
  • Madam Kwan: here, you can order icecream online, grab some bubur cha cha or cendol or just treat yourself to an amazing banana split garnished with three flavours of ice cream and a generous helping of chocolate sauce.
  • Ah Yip Herbal Soup: if you are seeking a more healthy dessert, this is a great restaurant to go for. The desserts here, like the mains, take the form of soup and there are a wealth of flavours on offer, including pear, ginger, green bean and fresh hashima jelly.

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Many of the desserts on this list bring you plenty of fruit, which is ideal - and they have that touch of sweetness to them too which brings comfort and happiness. On top of all of this, they also look glorious. A bowl of ais kacang decorated with red beans, passion fruit seeds and much much more, for example, is as appealing to the eye as it is to the tongue.

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