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Possibly the worlds oldest cuisine, Chinese food is also diverse and well loved. Also, the recipes come from a long line of testing which is why they taste so good! The light and generally fast cooking methods are also especially suited to the hot climate of Kuala Lumpur and the fast pace of city life. Chinese food is also incredibly flexible, so there's a wonderful choice for all events.

Chinese food delivery in Kuala Lumpur, for all occasions

Whether you're after Chinese canapés for a business launch, or a cosy meal for two on film night, there's something to suit. Chinese food encompasses many different styles, and it's also good for vegetarians and vegans, as Chinese recipes use bean curd, tofu and nuts too. It's also without doubt one of the best cuisines for those on a gluten free or dairy free diet, as traditionally these things are not found much in Chinese food. Read on for a few ideas:

  • Pontian Noodles Ben Zhen Yun Tun Mian (Subang Jaya): there's a wonderful range of pie style cakes, great for every day treats and children'sparties. Try 'The Elvis', which consists of delicious, peanut butter, banana and dark chocolate.
  • Cameleon Vegetrarian Restaurant: they serve tasty veggie dishes like 'Barehead Mushroom in Vege Sauce' and 'Clay Pot Beancurd' as well as meat and fish.
  • Din Tai Fung: they have a range of sumptuous, delicious menus fit for a banquet, and dim sum favourites like Wanton and dumplings which are wonderful for a low key lunch.

Wonderful traditional dishes like 'bak kut teh' to order online

With traditional versions of, 'bak kut the', the well known pork dish, served at many restaurants, it's easy, using foodpanda, to find your favourite one! This is also true for fried rice. A great comforting dish for a lunch or after a long day a the office, there are many different versions of fried rice, with vegetarian, meat and fish options, all available with a tap on your phone.

After a busy day or for entertaining, order food online

Whatever the occasion, foodpanda has a very big delivery area, so they're sure to deliver to your home. With a wide range of restaurants they are great for top level, Saturday night dining, and comfort eating when you're tired on a Wednesday evening. Foodpanda's app is powerfully fast, and there's always deals to make you smile.

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