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Ordering Cakes from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

Cakes can make life very special, mark a celebration and give smaller occasions a lift. Cakes for your birthday, wedding or dinner party vary in style, and can as wide as your imagination can go. Also, 21stcentury bakers and confectioners are increasingly creating tempting, fantastic and original looking cakes which leave you spoilt for choice.

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Bright, modern, dazzling Kuala Lampur's is massive, so cakes delivery is becoming increasingly popular. With foodpanda, there's a wide choice of all the latest cake emporiums, and traditional, much loved bakers too. So whatever the occasion, or celebration, there's a stress free solution, and here's a few ideas to help you decide:

  • A Pie Thing: there's a wonderful range of pie style cakes, great for every day treats and children'sparties. Try 'The Elvis', which consists of delicious, peanut butter, banana and dark chocolate.
  • Bisou Bake Shop: for a fun tea party or birthday party. The array of cupcakes is dazzlingly pretty, delicious, and impressive.
  • Illusion Cafe: they have delicious 'Churros', which are deep friend twisted doughnuts. They're great for coffee time, or Saturday morning treat after a hard week at work.

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With foodpanda, you can also choose when you put your order in. For example, for a birthday cake, you might want to order a day ahead. However, if you've had a long day and just want a treat, you can order a half an hour ahead in some cases, and foodpanda will deliver something sweet to make you smile, wherever you are in the city.

Order cakes online with foodpanda in Kuala Lumpur

The great thing about foodpanda's wide range is that whatever the occasion, they have an answer. Dainty macaroons in a range of mouthwatering flavours, make a lovely gift for your mother, or perhaps a chocolate muffin, or blueberry muffin would be great, after shopping with friends. Also, with foodpanda's powerful app on your phone, you can get orders delivered wherever you want, which is great for those impulsive moments when you just want to say you care.

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