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Ordering American Food from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

The USA has to be the homeland of real fast food. A burger delivery loaded with cheese, a hot dog drizzled with ketchup and mustard and a pizza slice are all great options here. Or how about a hamburger, shake and fries from one of our amazing restaurants? Browse the Chilis menu, order something from Steakhouse KL or branch out further afield in search of fried chicken, hot fudge sundaes and other classic American food.

Where to order American food online in Kuala Lumpur

We have put together a superb list of places where you can get everything from fried chicken to a veggie burger delivery, all American style. To get your mouth watering, here are three eateries that you might like to try out for size:

  • Ten Ounce: hotdogs of all varieties await you here, and the chefs have got really inventive. Try kimchi flavours, shredded chicken and Malaysian curry sauce or a classic US style hot dog garnished with green peppers and pepperoni slices
  • Craftsmen Cafe: this restaurant has made its name with its fried chicken dishes, so how about some wings and dip?
  • Bubba Gump Shrip & Co: seafood dominates the menu here, whether you want pan seared fish with lobster butter or cajun shrimp! There are plenty of other options too, though, such as veggie mushroom burgers and steaks.

Discover the flavours of American cuisine

American cuisine is very varied. Burgers, fries, hot dogs, fried chicken and shakes are often the food items that diners most often think of when they hear the phrase 'order American food online'. But you can also try scrumptious salads (the Waldorf salad, for instance, was invented in the Waldorf Hotel in the US), steaks, freshly caught seafood battered to perfection and a variety of sweet and indulgent desserts - how about a baked New York Cheesecake for afters, for example?

It's never been so easy to order American food online in Kuala Lumpur

The expert team at foodpanda do not just put together scrumptious lists of the best all American eateries in Kuala Lumpur (containing firm favourites such as Steakhouse KL and fun, independent cafes too). We also ensure that your hamburger, steak or cheesecake arrives as quickly as can be. No sooner have you ordered than our eco friendly drivers will head down to the restaurant to pick up your food and bring it to your door.

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