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The Best-Reviewed Restaurants that Deliver in Ulu Tiram

For the yummiest, fruitiest drinks, Hey Tea is the place to go. Their teas blended with crushed ice come in every flavour imaginable, including blueberry, lemon, kiwi, peppermint, hazelnut and even tiramisu! They also do delicious sweet waffles, and you can customise them by choosing one to two toppings. Kee Yee Qiyi Long Yin Home Coffee make the best steamed and crispy buns in town, cooked with egg, pork, or beans. They also serve a good selection of spicy and sour noodle soups. If you're looking for rice dishes, James Coffee Town have a large, varied menu with everything from tofu with minced pork rice to spicy chilli fish rice. They also have some meat and fish-free options for vegetarians.

Check Out the Local Food Culture When You Order Food in Ulu Tiram

Located in the Johore district, Ulu Tiram is a medium-sized town with rich food history. The staple ingredients are rice, noodles, eggs, pork, and fish, and most dishes are cooked with warming spices including chilli. Street food dishes have migrated from market stalls and into restaurants, including snacks like stuffed pancakes known as murtabak, filled with cheese, vegetables, and made with eggs. Fried plantain or banana is a snack that's eaten at all times of the day. It's covered in a batter made from flour, breadcrumbs, and milk, and is deep-fried in oil for a crispy texture.

Explore the Best Restaurants in Ulu Tiram

When you search for 'food delivery near me' you'll find lots of great restaurants in Ulu Tiram, from established family-run cafes to modern fast-food joints. Many of the restaurants in the town do meal deals for larger groups, so you can save money when catering for events or parties. You can find all of your favourite dishes when you get food delivery in Ulu Tiram, from pasta and pizza to rice and noodles. Chinese and Japanese food is popular in the region, and you'll also find plenty of vegetarian options.

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