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Sunway Subang Jaya Puchong - the hub of delicious delicacies

  1. ✓ The area of Subang Jaya is a suburban city in Malaysia. Located around 20km from Kuala Lumpur, the area also includes Puchong and Bandar Sunway.
  2. ✓ Puchong is a hub for delicious local and international cuisines. Residents and visitors in these locations regularly enjoy quality Malay food.
  3. ✓ Indian, Chinese and Western food items are also available for home order in the province. Puchong Jaya and Sunway in Malaysia are known for high quality restaurants.

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Enjoy the best food in Sunway Subang Jaya Puchong

A Sunway delivery in Malaysia is the perfect way to enjoy a home dinner party. The delicious variety of Sunway Subang Jaya Puchong food is indisputable and can go a long way to creating a spectacular feast. Try out the following restaurants for good food in Puchong, Sunway and Subang Jaya.

  • Nam Heong Ipoh: This classic Puchong restaurant serves up a selection of traditional rice dishes, curries and satay. Perfect for a memorable dinner party.
  • Pizza Cottage is known for its great food in Puchong. The pizza experts bring the best bases, toppings and flavours straight to the table.
  • Soi55 Thai Kitchen ss 15provides Thai recipes using the best in locally sourced ingredients.
  • Carl's Jr. is an American style diner. The famous restaurant can be relied on for a full range of burgers, pasta dishes, grills and steaks.

The full range of Sunway Subang Jaya Puchong food

Famous food in Puchong includes a wide range of inspired delicacies. Many of the restaurants in the area provide traditional Malysian foods such as:

  • Kari is the Malay version of curry. Typically served with rice it consists of vegetables or meats. Kari ayam, or chicken curry, is a popular item.
  • Nasi Goreng or fried rice, is a staple of Malaysian cooking.
  • Satay, often served on sticks, is skewered meat served with rice. Chicken, goat, lamb and tofu are all common varieties of this popular dish.

Order Sunway Subang Jaya Puchong food for a perfect meal

A Sunway delivery in Malaysia is just one of the ways to enjoy quality food in the area. Good food in Puchong is also available from the following top restaurants and cafe's:

  • O'Brien's Irish Sandwich Cafe
  • Cars Kitchen for Malay, Thai and Western treats
  • Wendy's for delicious burger meals
  • Madam Kwan provides specialist Malay cooking filled with great ingredients
  • Santino's Pizza for excellent quality Italian-American pizza bases and toppings

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