Food and Grocery Delivery from Kulim’s Best Restaurants and Shops

Popular restaurants

Great food delivery in Kulim City

Enjoy delicious food delivery from all of your favourite restaurants in Kulim. Take the stress out of deciding what to feed the family for dinner, lay on a feast for a group of friends, enjoy a cooked lunch at the office or enjoy an intimate meal for two with food delivery from foodpanda. The restaurants in Kulim offer cuisine from around the world. Whether you are looking for traditional Malaysian rice dishes, Chinese noodles, American burgers, Korean chicken or Italian pizza, the chef's at Kulim's best restaurants are ready to cook you your favourite dishes.

Enjoy the best food in Kulim with foodpanda

Ordering food delivery online couldn't be easier with the foodpanda website. You can view all of the restaurants near me that deliver and select your favourite. View the menu, order and pay online. Our speedy couriers will collect your food from the restaurant and deliver it to you fresh and hot whether you are at the office, at home, or just about any other location within the city. You can even order food on the go with our handy smartphone app, making it easier than ever to enjoy food from your favourite restaurants in Kulim.

Some of the best dishes available in Kulim

If you cannot decide what you would like to eat, why not take inspiration from these popular dishes?

For delicious Chinese food, try the yellow noodle dry special from Kapitol Koay Teow Soup & Hokkien Mee. The dish consists of pork intestine, chicken gizzard and pork liver.

For the best Western food in Kulim, look no further than Pizza hut for a range of pizzas including Hawaiian chicken, beef pepperoni, or the super supreme which includes tomato sauce, pepperoni, ground beef, beef cabanossi, mushrooms, chicken loaf, pineapples, capsicums, onions, olives and mozzarella. A great choice for feeding a group of friends or family.

For tasty Malaysian food, try the oblong Ayam biasa served with French fries from HZ Warisan Venture.

Order from the best restaurants in Kulim

We are happy to feature all of Kulim's best restaurants. You are sure to find your favourite, or perhaps try one of the following for a change.

If you need to feed a large group, look no further than HHZ Warisan Venture (Kumpung Dusun FoodCourt). Their HZ tower Ayam includes 3 lapisan patties, 1 lapisan bootlat daging, 2 lapisan Ayam, 2 lapisan telur and 3 lapisan cheese.

For great Middle Eastern food, Restoran Al Makkawi offers a great range featuring shawarma, nasi many, makkawi meatballs and kasbah.

For great desserts, Sweet Craving by SofiHanie offers delicious churros and pisang Goreng.