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Find New Restaurants That Deliver in Kluang

When you use foodpanda to check out the best restaurants in Kluang, you'll find gems such as The Golden Garden Bodo Noodle Store. Their chefs prepare tom yam soup, chicken fried rice, and seafood noodles. MyKluang Coffee is more than just a coffee shop. They do sell a great range of coffees and drinks, including iced coffee, lemon tea, and hot chocolate, but they also sell food, like their meatballs, spaghetti, and fried rice with prawns. For pizza-lovers, no one does it better than Pizza Hut! They do a good selection of meal deals with a pizza, side, and drink, and you can choose pizzas topped with pepperoni, chicken, and veggies.

Food Delivery in Kluang: Something for Everyone

When you order food delivery in Malaysia, you'll find Chinese, Thai, Italian, American, and Japanese eateries, with recipes and ingredients from all over the world. You'll be spoilt for choice with the restaurants in Kluang, and they offer all of those and more. From bakeries to noodle bars, coffee shops to pizzerias, there really is something for everyone. And if you're after traditional Malaysian cooking, Kluang has you covered, with home-cooking style soups, and street food-inspired fried rice.

Try Tempting Local Ingredients When You Order Food in Kluang

Kluang is in the Johor region of Malaysia, and as with many other regions in the county, is has a range of traditional dishes that are influenced by its multi-cultural heritage. Mee bandung is a famous recipe in the region, and consists of noodles and eggs in a soup, with shrimp, chilli, and onion. Mee rebus is a similar noodle soup with shrimp, but uses slightly different, sweeter herbs and spices to form a rich gravy. It is sometimes served with satay, marinated skewers of meat with a peanut dip. Banana cakes, rice cakes, rice dumplings and fried plantain are all common desserts.