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Cuisine in Jerantut

Jerantut is the capital town of the district and is the gateway to one of the world's oldest rain forests, Taman Negara. The position of the town makes it an ideal place to stock up on supplies and to get a fabulous meal. Like other states, outside influences from China, Persia, Arabia, India and later on from the West, permeated Malaysian culture and enhanced the gastronomy. Most cuisines are derived from ingredients found in the surroundings, jungle fruit, hunting and river fish. These ingredients are still used in the local dishes today. Sample the delights from restaurants that deliver in Jerantut.

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Dishes to order for delivery in Jerantut

There is a long history of gastronomy in the area and outside influences have only made it richer and tastier. Many of the dishes originate from deep in the jungle. One of these delicious dishes is ikan patin paih, it uses silver catfish (patine) and durian fruit stew, the two ingredients are wrapped together in a banana leaf and grilled. Another Jerantut specialty is daging salai masak kicap or smoked beef in soy sauce. Or try the bamboo shoots in coconut milk for a refreshing vegetable dish. The traditional dishes from this area are beautiful, but you can also order delicious Western meals and don't forget sumptuous desserts and refreshing beverages.

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Jarantut is a bustling town and has some great restaurants and cafes, perfect to fill up on your way to the national park. Nasi Ayamui has a good reputation for all things chicken. RS Café is a great Chinese style café with a wide selection of sizzling pork and chicken dishes, bean curd, and fried rice. If it's refreshing beverages you're after, look no further than CoolBlog. Foopanda makes food delivery in Malaysia simple,